What We Provide In The ‘Business of Music’:

 1. Strategies and professional recommendations addressing the “The Business of Music”…

     as it changes daily. Each project is approached and developed to personalize the maximum

     effect and ROI for each client.

2. Strategy Plans

3. Budgets/Project Funding

4. The importance of your fan base...?!

5. Branding – Public Relations – Partnership Marketing – Equipment Endorsements

6. Points of Sale

7. Social Media Sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, etc.

8. Our partnership, and distribution to radio to over 9,200+ radio station programmers

    globally  via AirPlay Direct.

9. Music Licensing – Film & TV, Advertising

Radio Topics:

1. How the charts work, their methodologies

2. Radio specials / interviews

3. Reporting stations vs non-reporting

4. Internet vs terrestrial stations

5. Royalties

6. Understanding radio and their playlists

7. Radio test marketing with "True Insight"

8. Servicing radio properly

9. The importance of radio reporting / performance updates with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and   

    Sound Exchange.  .