It's Time For A Change

Beyond The Song


BEYOND THE SONG “It’s Time For A Change” was the brainchild of a very close and good friend of mine. It was after many late nights and long hours of telephone conversations of us trying to figure out how to better help recording artists today achieve some of their goals. Kind of “Old School Thinking” wrapped in new digital tools and strategies.

The most recent report I saw on the total number of new releases every month worldwide was 100,000. This is a tremendous amount of competition. You have to find a way for your release to stand out above the others... or you will get lost in the shuffle. Remember this, we can always find another artist or song, but no one has ever found a way to increase the amount of minutes in a day… there is only so much airtime available every day. Do your homework first, put together a strong and focused “plan of attack” and then execute it with determination and professionalism.

Beyond The Song specializes in creating and implementing these “strategic plans” for your success.  Gary Bradshaw (Executive Director) comes to you with 40+ years of successful Music Business experience with a wide range from Radio Promotions, Production, Record Manufacturing, Club Management, Touring & Booking Agent, Band & Artist Management, Radio Station Owner, Studio Owner, Chart Publications, Magazine Owner, Disc Jockey, Station Programmer, Chart Reporter, Distribution Network and Music Director; etc.

This unique experience qualifies me to offer my services as a Consultant, to help Artists avoid the many pitfalls of today’s Music Business... and put them on the road to success.